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30 06 2011

HR Management Strategy

Representatives of the SNAO (Swedish National Audit Office SNAO) visited the Chamber of Control of...


29 06 2011

Management Round Table

A Round Table dedicated to the challenges and achievements of the Chamber of Control of Georgia...

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14 06 2011

Report to the Parliament

The Chairman of the Chamber of Control of Georgia, Mr. Levan Bezhashvili, addressed the Parliament with the report on the Government account on the state budget implementation for 2010.

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14 06 2011

Results of State Insurance Audit

The Chamber of Control of Georgia completed its audit of health insurance programs. Taking into account financial and program risks defined within the frames of preliminary audit, the...

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02 06 2011


Delegation of the Chamber of Control of Georgia led by the Chairman of the CCG participates in the EUROSAI (European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) VIII Congress held on...

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Levan Bejashvili

 Welcome to the official website of the Chamber of Control of Georgia (CCG). Your interest in the activities of this institution is an incentive for us, and at the same time, it represents great responsibility as the standards of our work have to fully comply with the requirements of the status of a Supreme Audit Institution. Our objective is to ensure sound management of public funds and other state material values, as well as to facilitate effective administration for the benefit of citizens of Georgia by providing qualified, impartial and consistent with international standards audit service. Our activities are based on the principles of professionalism and...

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International relations

CAS 9th Meeting in Batumi

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History of Chamber of control of Georgia

A Brief Review of the History of the Chamber of Control of Georgia

The history of the Chamber of Control of Georgia begins from 1918.

On the 28th of June 1918 the National Council of Georgia adopted a new Law “On Establishment of the State Comptroller’s Position” that defined his status.

Existing at that time Government provided the state control institution with a wide range of powers. According to the legislation of Georgia, besides the function of revealing the deficiencies and violations, it was also responsible for supervision of the use of public funds, management of the state credit, examination of reports;


What is an Audit

The most common types of CCG audits are Financial, Compliance and Performance audits.

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